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While ceramic and porcelain tiles are similar in preparation, it is the pressing and firing process that results in the porcelain tile having the superior characteristics of being much stronger and less porous – usually with a rate of water absorption of 0.5 percent or less.

Tileish focuses on bringing out the best of any aspect of the building, both inside and outside, in terms of functional and artistic effieciency. The manufacturing technology introduced by Tileish enables us to provide a wide variety of porcelain tile collections that are suitable for any planned application. Tileish’s unique porcelain tile collections for indoor and outdoor floors blend uncompromising efficiency with stylistic and artistic analysis that can appeal to any need.



In order to enhance its service life and efficiency, it is necessary to know the nature and specifiactions for a specific floor tile. This will vary according to the form of tile and the characteristics of its surface.

What cleaning methods should be used would be determined by extremely slip-resistant tiles versus matt tiles. For example, for more textured surfaces, specialised cleaning pads or rigid brooms can be needed.

Recommendations for cleaning and potential risks of misuse should be provided to post installation cleaning and maintenance workers. If incorrect chemicals or methods are used, please be aware that harm can happen to tiles.

In general, three levels of tile cleaning are present:

  • Washing of installations – Inclusion of elimination of unnecessary adhesives and grout.
  • Washing after contruction – Removal of all building dirt, like mortar, paint, etc.
  • Regular maintenance – A regimen of cleaning that maintains the cleanliness and protection of the floor while retaining the dignity of the tiles.


To a large degree, the availability of the tile format depends on the template or theme you are looking for. For example, if we wish to build a rural or antique setting, leaning towards a smaller or more prominent porcelain tile would be more suitable.

The use of large format tiles, on the other hand, is the most recommended choice if you are looking for a contemporary and elegant setting.

The important benefits that large format porcelain tiles offer:

  • Sense of Spaciousness: If you wish to visually enlarge an area, that is to say, that gives the impression of being larger than it really it is, leaning on large-scale porcelain tiles is the most fitting and suggested.
  • Variety of Uses: Because of its scale, quality and good technological efficiency, it is possible to use porcelain tiles for designing bathrooms, kitchens, countertops, work tables, among many other ideas.
  • Build a Continuity Effect: Reducing the grouping of the pieces causes a greater visual continuity, that can only be provided by large-format porcelain tiles.


  • Mop surfaces and vacuum regularly.
  • Try to clean a small, unseen area first.
  • Rinse the surface thoroughly with clean water and dry it after cleaning.
  • Stop high cleaning agent concentrations for extended periods of time.
  • When renovating or if there is some work surrounding the tile area, always secure the floor.
  • Instantly blot up spills.
  • Never use Acid-containing Cleaners.
  • Never use wax or paint cleaning agents, since it can lead to residue buildup.
  • Where cleaning agents and additives are involved, less is more.
  • Using suitable cleaning utensilsto match the finish or shape of the floor.

For conditions that are too difficult to handle, always call a licensed tile cleaning expert. The effect may be ahrmful if an improper cleaning application is used.