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60 X 30

1. Polished Grey 60x30 1

Polished Grey

2. Statuario Polished 60x30 1

Statuario Polished

3. Choco Brown Polished 60x30 1

Choco Brown Polished

4. Polished Beige 60x30 1

Polished Beige

5. Matt Nero 60x30 1

Matt Nero

6. Gold Wave Polished 60x30 1

Gold Wave Polished

7. Rustic Bianco Matt 60x30 1

Rustic Bianco Matt

8. Brown Matt 60x30 1

Brown Matt 

9. Black Matt 60x30 1

Black Matt

10. Coffee Pebble Polished 60x30 1

Coffee Pebble Polished

11. Off White Light Grey Matt 60x30 1

Off White Light Grey Matt

12. Brown Volcano 60x30 1

Brown Volcano

13. Grey Sandstone Polished 60x30 1

Grey Sandstone Polished

14. Onyx Blanco Polished 60x30 1

Onyx Blanco Polished

15. Arena Marron Matt 60x30 1

Arena Marron Matt

16. Rustic Brown Slate Matt 60x30 1

Rustic Brown Slate Matt

17. Cloudy White Polished 60x30 1

Cloudy White Polished

18. Cemento Brown Matt 60x30 1

Cemento Brown Matt

19. Lite Gris Matt 60x30 1

Lite Gris Matt

20. Onyx Creme Polished 60x30 1

Onyx Creme Polished

21. Gris Rustic Matt 60x30 1

Gris Rustic Matt

22. Grigio Light Polished 60x30 1

Grigio Light Polished

23. Rustic Black Matt 60x30 1

Rustic Black Matt

24. Statuario Matt 60x30 1

Statuario Matt

60 x 60

1. Concrete Light Grey Matt 60x60 1

Concrete Light Grey Matt

2. Brown Piedra Polished 60x60 1

Brown Piedra Polished

3. Cloudy Blanco Matt 60x60 1

Cloudy Blanco Matt

4. Gold Shell Polished 60x60 1

Gold Shell Polished 

5. New Marble Matt 60x60 1

New Marble Matt

6. Autumn Marron Polished 60x60 1

Autumn Marron Polished

7. Black Gold 60x60 1

Black Gold

8. White Onice Polished 60x60 1

White Onice Polished

9. Brown Gold 60x60 1

Brown Gold

10. Blue Wave 60x60 1

Blue Wave

11. Grey Blanco Matt 60x60 1

Grey Blanco Matt

12. Agua Util Polished 60x60 1

Agua Útil Polished

13. Amaze Swirl 60x60 1

Amaze Swirls

14. Metallic Matt 60x60 1

Metallic Matt

15. Concrete Gris Matt 60x60 1

Concrete Gris Matt

16. Spotty Wood Matt 60x60 1

Spotty Wood Matt

17. Hawai Grey Polished 60x60 1

Hawai Grey Polished

18. Ivory Light Polished 60x60 1

Ivory Light Polished

19. Tejido White Matt 60x60 1

Tejido White Matt

20. Bookmatch Grey Polished 60x60 1

Bookmatch Grey Polished

21. New Marble Polished 60x60 1 rotated

New Marble Polished

22. Stone Statuario Polished 60x60 1

Stone Statuario Polished

23. Tejido Negro Matt 60x60 1

Tejido Negro Matt

24. Polished Beige 60x60 1

Polished Beige

60 X 120

1. Onyx Elegance Polished 60x120 1

Onyx Elegance Polished

2. Light Grey Onyx Polished 60x120 1

Light Grey Onyx Polished

3. Venezia Crema Polished 60x120 1

Venezia Crema Polished

4. Light Sky Polished 60x120 1

Light Sky Polished 

5. Grey Luxe Polished 60x120 1

Grey Luxe Polished

6. Nieve Blanco Polished 60x120 1

Nieve Blanco Polished

7. Statuario Polished 60x120 1

Statuario Polished

8. Statuario Matt 60x120 1

Statuario Matt

9. London Brown 60x120 1

London Brown

10. Black Swirl 60x120 1

Black Swirl

11. Roma Light Grey Matt 60x120 1

Roma Light Grey Matt

12. Cloudy Blanco Matt 60x120 1

Cloudy Blanco Matt

13. Valencia Beige 60x120 1

Valencia Biege

14. Light Grey Luxe 60x120 1

Light Grey Luxe

15. Brown Spider 60x120 1

Brown Spider

16. Oscuro Nero Matt 60x120 1

Oscuro Nero Matt

17. Cafe Marron Matt 60x120 1

Cafe Marron Matt

18. Semi Polished Bianco 60x120 1

Semi Polished Bianco

19. Nero Ghiaccio 60x120 1

Nero Ghiaccio

20. Cloudy Ivory Matt 60x120 1

Cloudy Ivory Matt

21. Cloudy Crema Matt 60x120 1

Cloudy Crema Matt

22. Cielo Gris Matt 60x120 1

Cielo Gris Matt

80 x 80

1. Concrete Light Grey 80x80 1

Concrete Light Grey

2. Matt Nero 80x80 1

Matt Nero

3. Concrete Grey 80x80 1

Concrete Grey 

4. Matt Cafe 80x80 1

Matt Cafe

5. White Pearl 80x80 1

White Pearl

6. Matt Cloudy Brown 80x80 1

Matt Cloudy Brown

7. Light Grey Onyx 80x80 1

Light Grey Onyx

8.Metallic Brown Matt 80x80 1

Metallic Brown Matt 

9. Polished White 80x80 1

Polished White

10. Cloudy Beige Matt 80x80 1

Cloudy Beige Matt

11.New Carrara Polished 80x80 1

New Carrara Polished

12. White Stone Polished 80x80 1

White Stone Polished

What Customers Are Saying

Having looked at various tile shops we were recommended to TILEish and I can honestly say the best decision .

Very professional team. Karan & Jay were full of knowledge and were able to advise on the best titles for the various bathrooms. A wide range of high quality tiles to suit all.

Very flexible with delivery and no delays. Highly recommend, great quality!


Thank you to all at TILEish, an all round positive experience. The knowledge of the salesman was excellent, both with respect to the origin of the tiles and their finishing. After a few minutes of discussion, he was able to direct us to the tiles that best met our needs. All the tiles were of a high quality and the large range made the final decision a tricky one. The next step was the delivery. TILEish were flexible in their delivery slots and the tiles were delivered on time. Would I recommend them. I already have and to my sister no less.

– Amit Tulsiani