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Outdoor is the new Indoor!

After the Covid-19 Pandemic, the outdoors has become the new indoor!

People are bored sitting inside their homes due to lockdowns during the covid-19 pandemic. Even after the lockdown has ended, individuals should remain vigilant because the pandemic is not yet done. At the very least, we can make the exterior of our homes attractive and stylish. So now is the greatest moment to integrate interior and outdoor living spaces seamlessly.

What better way to celebrate UK’s weather than to experience them? Outdoor Porcelain tiles can become the perfect way to gather inspiration, design schemes, and add decorative elements to both indoor and outdoor spaces. From wooden & stone patterns to marble & rustic looks, outdoor porcelain tiles at TILEish can bring colour and architectural patterns and features to your surroundings and help to give a beautiful style finish.

While rarely the focal point of outdoor living space, outdoor flooring is almost always in view. The right flooring choice can enhance your outdoor furniture, outdoor decor, and colour scheme. The wrong choice can cheapen and detract from an otherwise beautifully decorated outdoor living space.

Motivated by that idea, TILEish’s Outdoor Tiles are designed with a singular vision: outdoor flooring has to be versatile; in other words, it has to work with as many applications as possible. It must also be comfortable and safe to walk on, resistant to spills and wetness, simple to install and maintain, and, most significantly, weather-resistant.

The outdoor tiles available at our TILEish store in London can be installed over any floor with a relatively flat surface.

• Balcony decks
• Rooftop decks
• Front porches
• Surrounding pool decks
• Surrounding spas decks
• Surrounding hot tub decks
• Sunroom, pergola, gazebo decks
• Backyard decks
• Walkways
• Basement floors
• Bathroom floors or saunas

Why not continue the high-end aesthetic of your home to your courtyard? Our floor tiles are all constructed of porcelain, which means they are non-porous and frost-resistant, making them perfect for usage both inside and out. There is no need to seal or cure any of our tiles, so you may enjoy the luxury of Italian style as soon as they are installed.

At TILEish, you can find the best quality selection and premium design Outdoor Tiles London at a low cost. All of our patio tiles are inexpensive and simple to order.